Productively Present Parenting for Mompreneurs

Productively Present Parenting for Mompreneurs

Hosted by: Sarah Harding - Crunchy SuperMom

Productively Present Parenting™ tips for the busy mom. Get tips for tackling the less important, but necessary, aspects of life so more time can be spent doing what matters most. The show is designed to give you...

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New Year, New Mom - Refresh, Renew, Re-Inspire

Episode #47

Let’s imagine that it's the first day of the year and you feel the pull to create big, bad, hairy, audacious goals. The problem is looking at what you want to accomplish reminds you of what you didn't actually...
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Shifting Focus Strategy #4 - Money

Episode #46

What is Guaranteed?Strategy #4 is Money. Employment has never been guaranteed. Job volatility has always been around. There are times when our economy does well and then there are times when it does poorly. When we’re...
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How to Get Shit Done Like a Super Mom

Episode #45

There Is No "Right" Time to Follow Your DreamsI know. It's kind of a sad reality check right there to hear that, but it's the truth. There's always going to be another reason why your goals are going to need to take...
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Shifting Focus Strategy #3 - Mindset

Episode #44

Sit down, make a plan for the future and change your mindset.Do you currently believe that you are resilient? Do you currently see yourself as a supermom? Why don't you believe that you can homeschool and work from...
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Shifting Focus Strategy #2 - Priorities

Episode #43

How Modernization Has Changed LifeWhen you have constant access to the internet, that means you can constantly work and that also means that your employer can constantly contact you and expect a really quick...
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Shifting Focus Strategy #1 - Beginning Homeschool

Episode #42

Join me in a small group coaching program for the school year - Productively Present Parenting™ Homeschool Life Support Edition Read more here...
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Know Your Detox Pathways - Like a Super Mom

Episode #41

For a super-fast boost to your antioxidant systems that promote and enhance genes that will assist in efficient detoxification (specifically Phase 2 detoxification), just sign up here. You’ll get a video that explains...
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Love and Respect In Marriage with Cindy Maxwell - Homeschooling Mom of 6

Episode #40

In this episode we're going to spend some time talking about marriage. It's not a topic I cover often because marriage is one of those tricky subjects that none of us are really experts in. And however, I have a...
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Achieving Life Goals Becoming More Than Just a Mom

Episode #39

Creating a Dream BusinessCreating Crunchy Super Mom fulfilled my every dream and it also allows me to use my gifts in ways that truly blesses other moms. This type of opportunity isn't for every mom and that's why I'm...
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Super Mom Is Real - How To Find Her

Episode #38

SuperMom is real.You are SuperMom. I am SuperMom. Let me tell you just one SuperMom story… After months of being unable to get out of the house and weeks of being unable to get out of bed due to the onset of severe...
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5 Steps to Rock Motherhood Like a Super Mom

Episode #37

There are a lot of ways to get through life but not all of them are ideal. The words mom and overwhelm are so connected that being overwhelmed is just an expectation. It is considered normal. Overwhelm isn't a feeling...
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4 Steps to a Fresh Start

Episode #36

There are so many ways to get a fresh start, but a few things that have always been part of my ending/beginning a new routine ritual include ending the time period with a grocery spending freeze, a money leak...
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