Strategies for Shifting Focus - Mindset


Mindset is a lot different than vision and priorities, which is what I talked about in strategy number two. Having the Super Mom mindset can increase your resilience. Supermom is a mindset --it's not an action figure. It's not an unattainable vision of a mother that society kind of suggests we strive for. 

There Is No One Right Way to Be a Mother

Because there is no one right way to be a Super Mom, it's all about your vision of what you want your life to be. Everyone else's vision is going to be different. You must reject the outside pressures to strive for something that you don't want to do or to be. Pinterest is not my favorite place to hang out. Heading to Pinterest to look at decor is one great way to tempt yourself to judge yourself or compare yourself. 

Hard stuff happens and will continue happening but life has to go on. Instead of focusing on how things used to be and wishing to go back I want to encourage you to start digging your heels in and developing a “grit” mindset of “stuff's got to get done”. It's just got to get done. You’ve got to be a mom, you’ve got to get up and you have to feed your kids. 

New to Homeschooling? 

Many families have chosen to homeschool their kids and work from home and do all kinds of hard things. There's never been a time in history where everyone is making the same hard decisions to either forgo an income or work at home while also feeling like they have to homeschool. 

I'm not going to give you a hug and tell you I'm sorry that everything is stressful or that life really sucks -- because you already know that it does. I’m here to help you get over it and get stuff done. We can’t always change our situation but we can always change how we respond to it.  So why spend every day stressed out and upset about the past or upset at the future? 

Sit down, make a plan for the future and change your mindset.

  • Do you currently believe that you are resilient? 
  • Do you currently see yourself as a supermom? 
  • Why don't you believe that you can homeschool and work from home?
  • Why don’t you believe you can deal with whatever is about to come your way?
  • Why do you believe that? 
  • Have you not gone through worse stuff? 


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