Let me show you how to work from home AND homeschool like a Super Mom! Perfection not required.


Even before your family was forced into "quarantine" and social distancing, you didn't have enough time to do ALL THE THINGS.

Mom life and overwhelm seem to go hand-in-hand. Adding to it the uncertainty that lies ahead with our global health crisis isn't going to make it any easier. 

And now you've realized you need to add homeschooling on top of everything else, and you're afraid that means failing at all the other areas of your life.

Deep down, you really just wish you had a way to reclaim some sense of normal for you and your family.

What if, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the very thought of homeschooling you...

✨ Where able to figure out how to homeschool without sacrificing every other area of your life?

✨ Had a clear direction on how to begin, and how to control how your life goes this year, regardless of what's going on around you?

✨ Were actually able to manage your time so that work, school, household duties, and more are in alignment with your ideal life?


The Productively Present Parenting™ program is THE answer to every busy mom's dilemma, "how do I do it all without missing out on the important things in life?"

It is based on a 10-step system that when applied to the pillars of motherhood, transforms you from overwhelmed mom to Super Mom.


These 10 steps of transformation become a system you can apply to anything that comes up in life to help you quickly establish a routine.

Throughout the program you'll use these 10 steps to...

  • Create a game plan for choosing homeschool curriculum and implementing it in a way that you can't fail.
  • Develop your time management skills so that no matter what obstacles come up, you will handle them with ease.
  • Complete tiny assignments that will bring huge change to your life.

And I'll be there every step of the way to guide you with live coaching and community support!


"I was afraid of the Super Mom title because to me it meant pushing through even when it was unwise to do so. I purposely hung up my cape for several years and was thinking that that was the only way that I was going to be able to live. With the super mom solution I'm learning to find balance. I use my cape to put on a mindset, assess the situation, and come up with a livable solution."

- Janet, Homeschooling, Solo Parenting, Business Owning Mom of 4, Super Mom Academy graduate



Full Access to the Productively Present Parenting™ Course

Download the Productively Present Parenting™ app and take your video training and workbooks on the go.

All “missions” contain micro-lessons that are under 10 minutes in length designed to give you maximum value that you can take action on right away.

The program is designed to take about 16 weeks but you will have lifetime access to repeat the lessons and master your life design.

This is the core of the Productively Present Parenting™ system!

(Regularly $2,500 for 16 weeks)

Monthly Super Mom Missions

Every month we'll focus in on a new Super Mom Mission to help you whip your life and home into shape. We're covering homeschooling, keeping a clean house, meal planning, being Boss Mom, and so much more!

Two Monthly Group Coaching Calls + Hot Seats

One monthly group coaching session to help implement the course materials and troubleshoot questions.

One monthly hot seat session featuring community members who need more assistance or who have a situation the community can learn from while Sarah works her magic.

(Valued at $3,000 for 10 months)

Weekly Group Strategy Broadcasts

Ask a question in our private community and I’ll personally answer and every week I’ll send a private broadcast of all the questions and answers from the week so you can listen on the go.

(NEW Feature! Valued at: $3,600 for 10 months)

School Year-Long Access

With kids and life, challenges are always right around the corner, so you will get access to your Homeschool Life Support System all school year.

Plus, you get Forever Access to all the PPP™ course materials and your bonuses!

BONUS: Super Mom Daily Routines Bundle

Instant access to my templates and done-for-you (DFY) daily routines:

  • Daily Routine
  • Cleaning Routine
  • Meal Planning Routine
  • Homeschool Routine
  • Business Routine

(Regularly $497)

BONUS: Private Productively Present Parenting™ Facebook Community

So you can connect with everyone else in the program, ask questions, and get all the support you need throughout the next school year.

(Regularly $300 for 10 months)


Clutter Cure Mini Course

Clear the clutter without giving up an entire weekend or month to a new project that you simply don't have time for.

(Regularly $97)


Laundry Mastery Mini Course

Super Mom's secrets for laundry success.

(Regularly $47)


Mastering Healthy Eating Mini Course

Ease into real foods or upgrade your healthy diet without being overwhelmed.

(Regularly $27)

Regular Total Value: $10,068



Enrollment has already closed for our fall start, but you can be the first to know when we open the doors again!


I'm Sarah, the founder of Crunchy Super Mom, a project I created in order to serve overwhelmed moms who wanted to be more productive while remaining present with their kids.

The idea was born out of hearing too often that moms were giving up on their dreams and even being shamed for having ambitious goals of keeping a clean house while being attentive to their babies.

I’ve been a mom since 2008 and we have homeschooled our three children from the very beginning. My husband has been a Marine for nearly 20 years and he works a lot. I have spent many nights and weeks solo parenting. When he’s home he’s amazingly supportive so I can’t really complain.

In fact, my can do attitude is what fueled the fire for creating the systems that allow me to be the super mom who runs a million dollar business from home while keeping up with the household duties.

Prior to motherhood, I was a health and psychology professional. I taught college courses, wrote for medical journals, and served youth and mothers with birth and lactation services.

And now I want to help YOU become a homeschooling super mom, too.

"I am so thankful to have reached out to the Crunchy Super Moms this past year.

Having a child with increasing health difficulties is hard enough, but feeling helpless as you try to research and learn how to help them heal is really depressing.

That’s when Crunchy Super Moms stepped in. I joined their community, began listening to their talks and following their blog.

Suddenly, I had the additional encouragement, information and inspiration I needed to do better. Our family is well on its way to health and also happiness thanks to the research backed information these mamas lavish on other moms. I

am so thankful and blessed for the difference they have already made in our lives. I look forward to all I will learn from them this year!"

- Heather Kowalski, Crunchy Super Mom of 4


First Things First: Homeschool Curricula

Before we get into the Core Missions of the Productively Present Parenting™ Program, we're going to address the biggest concern every mama has right now, to homeschool or not to homeschool AND how to begin homeschooling. We'll revisit homeschooling throughout the program but we'll kick off our time together helping you make informed decisions on the education of your children.

Phase 1: The Core Missions

For the first 10 weeks, we'll focus on the Core Missions of the Productively Present Parenting™ system. After that, you'll have plenty of time to practice, adjust, and perfect your routines, with your Homeschool Life Support Coach guiding you every step of the way.
Becoming SuperMom Mission
Identifying your true goals, setting your baseline for your transformation (where are you now), getting clear on your vision and establishing tools to help you maintain a positive mindset.
Time Budgeting Mission
Prioritize your to do list and learn how to be more effective with to do list creation, prepare the most efficient time budget you have ever carried out.
Cleaning Routine Mission
After establishing your true cleaning goals, get to a baseline level of clean, consider attacking the Clutter Cure Bonus Mission, establish ideal cleaning routines using the DFY options from Crunchy Super Mom with modification as needed for your particular lifestyle.
Meal Planning Mission
Identify your food goals - healthy lifestyle or just less take out? You decide. Then master meal planning, food prep, and grocery budgeting so that your time is used efficiently.

Phase 2: Layering

Now that you know all of the work that goes into the missions (& what the missions are), you get to practice maintaining your daily routines for 4 weeks while we WORK WORK WORK together on mindset. Goal setting. Adjust to who you are in the different roles in your life. We will Layer your routines so they work together. 
This is the "what is the point?" phase of starting with cleaning, cooking, and time management. The point is that getting these routines in place frees you up to focus time & energy where you want to in your life.

Phase 3: Expanding & Exploring

Now that your mindset is improved and you know what we’re working towards, we refine the routines you already have and start thinking about the expanding/exploring themes that most interest you. 

Boss Mom Mission: Establish effective work routines for entering and exiting the work mental space, setting up effective work sprints for your business or job, explore other income potential, and establish a healthy work-life routine that keeps you productive but present.
Homeschool Mission: While on "break" from school, assess how the first half went, establish new goals and prepare for the second half of the year. Redesign homeschool routines as needed and get out of the "survival mode" for good going into 2021.

Phase 4: Habit Formation

Integrate all that you have learned and prepare for 2021 with established routines. Revisit past missions as needed and get help as obstacles arise that you are still learning how to overcome. This is where the habits form!


Be the first to hear when we open the doors for enrollment again!



"Where have you been all my life?

I seriously can't believe how much time, money, and sanity I've been saving just from the first few days of being a Supermom Academy Member!

My family and I can't thank you enough. Through the Supermom Solution I was able to identify wasted or ill spent time. I found extra time for my family by signing up for grocery delivery, reducing idle phone time, and creating a schedule that gives our family more time for family. Being part of the Crunchy Supermom community on Facebook makes my job as a mom so much easier.

I would highly recommend any busy mom who wants to fit it all in without sacrificing time with family hop on board with these Supermoms!"

- Debbie Denova, Wife, Entrepreneur, and Homeschooling Supermom of 3